real Nylons - Characteristics

Erfinder von Perlon Schlack Maybe women of a certain age will not share the passion for fully fashioned nylon stockings as they like the modern and comfortable improved style of modern hoserie and stockings.
This was made possible by the addition of modern synthetic fibers such as spandex.
But what distinguishes the so-called real nylons for from now?
Read everything you need to know about features of real nylons.
Picture: Paul Schlack, german inventor of Perlon

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Nylons - Making

Picture manufacturing of Nylons Only very few manufacturese of stockings around the world have an original flat knitting machine, which is necessary for the production of real nylons. Too costly in operation and maintenance they can not keep up with modern machines based on computer systems.
However these old cotton-machines from the 60s for the remaining producers of real nylons are a profitable investment.

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Nylons today

modern Nylon-Stockings Today, the range of offered nylon stockings and pantyhose is simply enormous.
Since nylon stockings with seams have increased in popularity a lot of manufacturer try to offer the same. But without the original equipment it is not possible to manufacture the classic nylon stockings. In this case you will find a lot of stockings or pantyhose on the market with a fake-seam.
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